The Depressing Kumiko

A few nights back, I watched “Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter.”  Missy and I stumbled across it randomly and the trailer made it seem like the movie would be sort of whimsical.  Missy thought it would be kind of like a Japanese “Amelie.”  You know… fun, magical, kind of artsy…

Nope.  It’s horribly depressing.  Especially when you consider it’s based on real life events.  Well, kind of.  It’s based on an urban legend around the true story of Takako Konishi, a Japanese office worker that flew to the virtual tundra of the north midwest, got drunk, took sedatives, and froze to death outside.

There is a short documentary, 25 minutes long, about Takako called “This Is A True Story.”

I recommend watching both.  Kumiko moves at a slower pace, however, so be prepared for that.


New songs from The Sword

The Sword is releasing another album in August called “High Country.”  You can hear the title song on their official web page, here.

A youtube user has posted live performances of some of the songs from the new album.   Although, “Temples” does not appear in the tracklisting.  Maybe it’ll show up with a different name?

1. Temples

2. Mist

3. Buzzard

There is a limited edition collector’s bundle for the release of the album.  I’ve already reserved mine!